Term and Conditions

Traveloshoppers has designed some terms and conditions for users of the website. You are advised to go through each and every term and condition before proceeding with the website any further and using its services.

Any further use of this website will be considered as your consent for the terms and conditions of the website. You are advised not to proceed with the website any further if you do not agree to the terms mentioned here.


Traveloshoppers has designed the website for providing the best of air travel services to its customers. So, there are some restrictions as to the use of the website, and unlawful activities over the website are strictly prohibited. These include:

  • Unlawful and fake use
  • Using the website to harm anyone in anyway
  • For using the website for commercial purposes
  • Spam
  • Anything else which disapproves the terms


The prices mentioned on the website are subject to change without any prior notice to customers. Airfare is only guaranteed when the purchase is complete and tickets have been issued.

You acknowledge and understand that airlines may change their prices without any notice, resulting in updated price offerings from us. We will notify you of price changes if you have made a reservation and the price change affects your travel package before we take any further steps. However, if your reservation has been finalized, no price changes will affect your travel package.

There may also be fees or other prices charged by third parties such as hotels and cruise lines, included in your reservation.

You are not allowed to effect name changes once the reservation is done. In case you need to change the spelling of a name, then you will have to cancel your original reservation and make a new booking using the correct spelling of your name. In that case, you will be charged at the rates applicable at that time and it may involve fees and penalties.

The prices of tickets will apply only for the full utilisation of the tickets on the routes mentioned on the dates of travel. Any improper use of the tickets will result in the cancellation of the entire trip.

All prices are in US currency.

Payment information

Some banks and credit card companies charge a fee for international transactions which appears on bank card statements as a foreign or international transaction fee. This fee may be in your local currency, and different than the purchase amount shown on the billing summary in which the amounts are shows in US currency.

As we may pass your payment on to an international travel supplier, the bank or credit card company may consider the booking of international travel through our website to be an international transaction.

You will receive a booking notification once your purchase is complete. The booking may include a confirmation number before a ticket is issued. This means, your booking is not yet complete and the fare is subject to change before a ticket is issued. You will receive an electronic version of your ticket when the ticket is issued.


All the terms and conditions mentioned here will remain effective unless any of these are found invalid by any legal authority. In that case, the provision concerned will be removed.

Applicable law

The selection of the applicable legal jurisdiction and venue will be at our sole discretion in case of any legal dispute arising out of the interpretation of these terms and conditions or as a result of your use of the website.

Site usage and ticket purchase

Users with age 18 and above are eligible to make a purchase on this website. In case the user is making the purchase for any other person, then it is the responsibility of the user to make the person know and understand the terms and conditions of this website.

Such users will be responsible for reservations made on behalf of other persons. They can submit information of other persons on the website only in accordance with the terms of the website.

Booking policy

All the prices shown on the website are inclusive of government taxes.

Traveloshoppers will cancel the ticket and forfeit the amount received as cancellation charges in case of a rise in fares, payment gateway issues etc.

Customers are required to pay the booking costs in full prior to the confirmation of the booking.

In case of booking tickets for infants, the age should be below 2 years which should be supported with valid document proof of age. In case the age of the infant is 24 months or more, then you are required to make a separate booking for the infant. During the check in, the infant must be accompanied by an adult.

Booking confirmation

The customer will receive a confirmation email along with the booking number after the completion of the booking procedure. The contract to the services will become effective to both customer and supplier through this confirmation email.

Upon receiving the email, the customer should check the correctness of the booking details. There are options available for special purposes such as meals, child seat, disabled etc.

Booking amendments

Booking on Traveloshoppers website may involve certain charges as directed by the airline which may vary based on flight and booking class. The amendment fee may also vary based on the airline, flight and booking class.

Any change must be made at least 72 hours prior to the departure date. As this time duration may vary from one airline to another, customers are advised to confirm this time restriction with the airline concerned.

Payment policy

We accept all major credit and debit cards

We accept payment under two transactions of Airline Base Fare and Taxes; however the total cost is same as mentioned.

Your ticket purchase is guaranteed once you have made the payment. We will notify you in case we do not receive the payment

We will proceed with the booking only after we verify your credit card details

Entry requirements

Travellers are advised to verify their travel documents for the country concerned. We will not be responsible for the denial of entry or transit by a country.

You understand that your transaction with us does not guarantee the entry to a country. You must verify any information provided by Traveloshoppers with government authorities.

Credit card declines

You payment will not be processed if your credit card is declined. We will notify you if your credit card has been declined.